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David Brake

The link posted doesn't work. Try http://wrt.ucr.edu/wordpress/2006/03/29/computers-in-the-compostion-classroom-great-debate/

I have posted a comment over there...

Mark Marino

Here's the corrected URL:



Mark Marino

I don't know how much I should clarify, so apologies in advance. (Delete or skim as nec.) Since you've got an international audience here, here's some context on Composition in the States. (Broad generalizations and caricature follows).

So English 101 (aka Freshman English, English 101, College Writing):
In the States, this course is typically mandatory--mandatory for the first-year students who take it and for the literature graduate students (and adjuncts) compelled to teach it. There are various flavors, but most involve a semester of writing 3-5 papers that may find their final resting place in a portfolio somewhere in the dank corner of the office of their TA (teaching assistant).

The course focuses on some combination of the following:
Modes of Essay Writing, Personal Narratives, Research Papers, Process, Peer Workshops, Critical Reading.

That's the skinny, at least. (No doubt, every individual course is an exception to this description but this is the stereotype...)

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