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Simon Mills

I find it interesting that people have started talking about Myspace all of a sudden. It has been around for a while after all and was never really talked about as being a significant site of creativity that I'm aware of. Perhaps the reason is the recent ability to upload music to your space which has made it a prime space for bands to advertise and promote themselves. The Artic Monkeys being the archetypal UK reference here. There's a lot of creativity here, the music for a start and the work going into network and promote it. I'm not sure anyone looking for other forms of expression would necessarily want to use Myspace above any other forms of web-based platforms however.

simon Mills

Oh, and I forgot, perhaps the other reason Myspace is in focus is that Murdoch bought it for 332 million of course!

David Brake

Just for reference - MySpace started as a place for bands to promote their music and became a broader social networking site later. As far as I can tell MySpace is riding on classic network marketing, not on features - it is getting bigger because lots of the target market (teens) are on it already. This may change...

Sue Thomas

I'm in LA at the moment and there is an ongoing news item about kids supposedly being the victims of stalker paedophiles in Myspace - another reason why it's being talked about so much.


I humbly offer that some of us ARE trying to do something interesting on MySpace. LeisureArts is running a research venue/exhibition space on MySpace called Concept Trucking. It aims to host research that critiques, exploits, or embodies the social dynamics/structural limits of social networking sites and other Web 2.0 phenomena...


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