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The problem with video games are not that they don't tell a story. They obviously do. The problem is, that unlike other mediums, there is a decided lack of Great Ideas in video games. Until video games are able to access these Great Ideas that have been pervasive in human history since Plato put pen to paprys, then I don't think they'll last much longer. Which is sad, since I think they do have the ability to do so.


Hi Jesse.

Hrm. I don't think that video games don't tell a story but I do agree with Grindley in that they tell stories differently from other mediums. I do wonder whether video games are on the cusp of extinction though as you seem to suggest...I think there are too many people playing games and designing them and possibly even writing narratives for them; they can't be on their way out.

NB When I say video games I'm also thinking of computer games and psp games etc...

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