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Gavin Stewart

Simon Biggs also commented on the need for a work called the Art of Forgetting - I posted the following in response


Dear Simon,

Thanks for the pointer to the 'Art of Memory'.

In searching for it on Abe & Amazon I came across - 'The Art of Forgetting (Materializing Culture - edited by Adrian Forty (Editor), Susanne Kuchler (Editor)

Reviews on Amazon note:-

"This volume presents a new and intriguing perspective on the relationship between the material and immaterial dimensions of culture, suggesting that people's material technologies of memory are always also their technologies of forgetting." --The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute


Lethe: The Art and Critique of Forgetting by Harold Weinrich

Book Description at Amazon

"Lethe is an exploration of the art of forgetting—as the counterpart of the rhetorical art of memory—in Western culture from the Greeks to the present. It offers penetrating analyses of works by, among others, Augustine, Bellow, Borges, Casanova, Celan, Cervantes, Dante, Descartes, Freud, Goethe, Homer, Kant, Kleist, Levi, Locke, Mallarmé, Montaigne, Nietzsche, Ovid, Pirandello, Plato, Proust, Rabelais, Rousseau, Sartre, and Wiesel. What emerges is a general view of forgetting that combines a recognition of its necessity and inevitability with a critique of forgetting (particularly in the case of the Holocaust) and the need to combat it. Harald Weinrich’s epilogue considers forgetting in the present age of information overflow, particularly in the area of the natural sciences"

Interesting stuff


Elayne Zalis


Thanks for expanding the scope of the discussion. I comment on your post in my blog, VirtualDayz (http://www.virtualdayz.blogspot.com/). See the entry titled "Writing and the Digital Life: Human Memory and Life Caching" (Sept. 9).


Sue Thomas

Thanks Elayne. A very useful post with lots of research to explore.

I didn't know Carolyn Guertin's thesis was online. I'll add the link to our del.cio.us list. Btw do you have any way to generate permalinks to individual posts on your blog? That would be really helpful, if so.


Sue Thomas

ps, forgot to say that I also added your blog to del.ico.us the other day - see lefthand panel.


A friend of mine cleared her computer of all unfinished or unpublished work from her computer last month. She said she found it a liberating experience

Elayne Zalis

Thanks for the suggestion. I've added permalinks. See http://virtualdayz.blogspot.com/2005/09/writing-and-digital-life-human-memory.html.

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